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Autobiography of Dr. Janos Drabik

dr. János Drábik

dr. János Drábik

Dr. János Drábik is the retired senior programme editor of Radio Free Europe.

Mr. Drabik was born on 9th June 1938 in Budapest. Initially he planned to become a cello player. He followed musical studies at the “Erkel Ferenc” Secondary School of Musical Art of Budapest, where he took the final examination in 1956. Nevertheless, due to breaking his hand, he was forced to change career. In 1960 he graduated from the Faculty of Political Science and Law of the “Eötvös Loránd” University of Sciences (ELTE) of Budapest, then from the Faculty of Humanities of the same university. In 1971 he took the final examination of lawyer – legal consultant, and previously he also graduated from the School of Journalism of the National Federation of Hungarian Journalists (MÚOSZ).

Until November 1979, he worked in various legal, editorial and state administration jobs. Prior to his leave to America, he was the chief of legal department of ERBE. He continued his studies at the New York University and in 1981 he became a registered legal consultant in the State of New York. In 1983 he went to Munich, Germany, being employed at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, where he wrote and edited several programmes under the name of Pál Kézdi. Among others, he wrote serials about Stalinism, the Constitution of the USA, ne-conservatism and on the history of Soviet Union. For five years, he edited the world economy magazine and the programme titled “On the Western Road” which analysed the functioning of democratic institutions. In February 1989, the President of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty conferred to him the “Superior Performance Award” for his performance delivered in the year 1988, primarily for his 32-part serial about the Constitution of the USA.

Beginning from 1983, he took an active part in the activity of Széchenyi Society in Munich, where he delivered several presentations and lectures. Between 1993 and 1998 he was the Secretary of Széchenyi Society of Munich. He was a regular author of the Hungarian patriotic paper “Nemzetőr” (National Guard) published in Munich and of other Hungarian daily newspapers and weekly magazines.

He is the principal contributor and deputy chief editor of the “book newspaper” titled “Leleplező” (Unveiler,, which have been issued since 1999. He regularly delivers lectures on the interrelation between human-centered society, democracy and monetary system. He is the founding member of the federation “Összefogás a Fennmaradásért Szövetség” (Union for Survival) formed in 2000, the objectives of which are the preservation of Hungarian land, the creation of the conditions for a “Garden-Hungary”, the restoration of Hungary’s economic and financial sovereignty, the achievement of the participation democracy, the extension of the powers of the referendum as well as the necessity of treating the money as the public institution of basic importance of the nation. At present he is working on a longer special work dealing with the connections between the international monetary system and democracy.

Between 1997 and March 2000 he was member of the presidium BUOD, Federation of Hungarian Associations in Germany, in 1996 he was elected into the steering committee of the MVSZ (World Federation of Hungarians), where he represented the Hungarians living in South Germany. In the 1998 parliamentary elections he was the candidate of the KDNP (Christian Democrat People’s Party) in the election district nr. 1 of Budapest.

Mr. Drabik is the author of more than 20 books.

His book titled Why Did the Three Kennedys Have To Die? was published in 2002. It was followed, in the same year, by the first volume of the Usury Civilization and then, in 2003, by the second and third volumes.

The three-volume Usury Civilization was already sold in several editions.
In 2004, his book titled Consciousness Modification was issued, which calls the attention to the dangers of brain manipulation.

The process of the creation of a world order controlled from a single centre is analyzed in his collected studies titled New World Order? World Dead-End.

In 2005, his book titled 1956 – The Third Way of the Hungarians was published, in which he looks for a way out from the dead-ends of the Communism and of the money rule. His book published also in 2005, titled The Dictatorship of the Money points out what advantages the restoration of the public money system might bring over.

In his book titled World Democratorship published in 2006, the author presents in detail how the global gaining ground of the world democratorship system was made possible by the aggressive spreading of the credit money monopoly.

In 2007, in his work titled Orwellia, he analyzed thoroughly the real superpower of our century, the money power, the most powerful ruling group in the world.

In his book titled The Human-Centered World Order, he analyzes in detail how the malign and detrimental globalism can be substituted by the benign and useful globalism serving the interests of the whole mankind, the human-centered world order.

His 2008 book, the Turbulence, is about the destructive turbulence of the anti-life world forces, primarily of the unlimited money power, in which the mankind fights its life-and-death struggle for survival.

The Era of Change issued in 2009 is a recommendation for the whole mankind concerning how a change of era, the new historical era of the harmonic world order can be achieved with solidarity.

In 2010, in his book titled The Dark Modern Age, he summarized his views on the world elite and its legal predecessors, which played a decisive role in the creation of the money rule relationships of the Dark Modern Age, and on how it is possible to get out of Dark Modern Age with the creation of a harmonic world order.

His book issued in 2011 under the title The Chosen Ones (Semitism – Separatism and Double Measure) contains, in the form of a collection, the previously already appeared writings, which are connected by the common problem: the analysis of the relationship between humanity and Jewry.

In 2012, he asked the question that touches everybody: Whose is the Hungarian State? Does it belong to the money cartel and its network or to the national government representing the interests of the Hungarian nation, from the common will of the overwhelming majority of the electors?

In his thought-rising book titled The Great Conspiracy (Whose Should 21st Century Be?), issued in 2013, he emphasizes that the whole of the money rule world order should be transformed radically so that the creators and beneficiaries of this system could not complete the great conspiracy successfully, the pouring into concrete and the making irreversible of the money rule world system controlled from a single centre.

His work titled Equals and More Equals (Semitism is an Organized Private Power), published in 2014, he tries to find an answer to the age old question: what are the interests and goals of the organized Jewry that is cooperating with the world elite? This has been followed by a second book in 2014, The Chosen Ones – Semitism is separation and dubble standard.

In 2015 he published his book The Ukrainian Drama (The establishment of the common empire of the bear and of the dragon), written in a day by day synchronization of the events in progress.
His common volume titled Crisis and Reality, written together with László Bogár and István Varga, issued in 2009 by the Éghajlat Kiadó publishing house, analyzes the causes and consequences of the 2007-2008 financial world crisis.

In 2017 his book One World Order: Islamization of Europe and America – The End Times of Christian Civilization has been published.

Together with his three co-authors (Peter Tőke, András Virág and Julius Mohácsi), dr. János Drábik approaches the possibilities of avoiding the world war in the book issued in 2012 under the title World Peace vs. World War.

In their 2015 book titled Handbook of Government Overthrows, written together with Péter Tőke, chief editor of the aforementioned magazine Unveiler, they analyzed the “coloured” revolutions carried out in many places of the world, among them also in Eastern Europe. The continuation of this book has also been released in 2015, in their second common book, Self-defense against migrants and the EU-caliphate.

See the Hungarian titles of the above books here.

Media appearances:

He appeared on nation-wide TV channels such as EchoTV, FixTV, VNTV, Hatoscsatorna, former HírTV, TV2, ATV, Komló Média, McKenzye TV, HungáriaTV, Hun TV and local TV channels such as Mosonmagyaróvári Városi TV, BudapestTV, BaranyaTV, Buda Környéki Televízió.

As keynote lecturer Mr. Drabik has been invited to multiple local events and citizen forums (besides the Hungarian capital Budapest in Göteborg, Veszprém, Soroksár, Budaörs, Szentes, Korond, Pécs, Csány, Nagytárkány, Kelebia, Kecskemét, Váralja, Máriaremete, Kiskunlacháza, Baja, Marosvásárhely, Hajmáskér, Verőce, Ózd, Verőce, Balatongyörök), to conferences such as the National Local-Money Conference (Országos Helyi Pénz Konferencia; 2012), and to events at high profile universities (ELTE, IBS Budapest).

His official website is, where his writings can be found and his lectures can be listened to. His social media profile is:, his official video channel is Further English language articles and books written by dr. Janos Drabik can be found on

János Drábik is married, his wife is a chemist with PhD and scientific researcher at the University of Munich.

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Mr. Drabik’s most recent English e-book, that in contrast to its Hungarian edition, is available for free in English, is Equals and More Equals: Semitism is an Organized Private Power. This book can be downloaded here. In this book he tries to find an answer to the age old question: what are the interests and goals of the organized Jewry that is cooperating with the world elite.

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