dr. Janos DRABIK – Equals and More Equals: Semitism is an Organized Private Power

dr. Janos DRABIK - Equals and More Equals

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For the Hungarian printed version of this book, the author has been legally sued, but Mr. Drabik won the legal case both on the first and second instance of the court, since he stated only pure facts, which furthermore have been proofed by a rabbi before the publication. Bare this in mind when you refer this book to your friends and colleagues.

Can you see the symbolism on the book cover: the symbol of the rising sun, the pyramid and also Solomon’s Pillars, Jachin and Boaz? We see them.

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From the content:

dr. Janos DRABIK - Equals and More EqualsIt is important to understand the wielding of power in such a period when those people are continuously attacked who, setting their eyes on the possibilities of the future, try to find new ways not only for their people, state, but also for Europe, for the whole mankind. Both on national levels and globally, the power is exerted jointly by two powers: the organized public power and the organized private power.

These two powers not only compete with each other, but they also cooperate, because they are dependent on each other.

dr. Janos DRABIK - Equals and More Equals iPhoneThe organized private power operates as a multinational giant corporation embracing the whole world. The main decisions are made by the owners, the altogether 300 super-rich banker dynasties, as it is shown in detail in David Rothkopf’s work titled Superclass.

The execution of the owners’ decision is controlled by the members of the board of directors. It includes, among others, the presidents or prime ministers of the bigger states, the heads of the big international organizations, as well as the leaders of the UNO, the World Trade Organization, the NATO, the European Union, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Basel-based Bank of International Settlements, the European Central Bank and of other similar organizations. The third level includes the managers who actually execute the owners’ decisions.

This hierarchical structure has nothing to do with the democracy.

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The organized private power even denies itself, because if it admitted its own existence, it could be called to account for its decisions and, in a given situation, it could even be removed. This money rule world elite – 1% of the mankind – exerts a selfish dictatorship over 99% of mankind for enforcing its own self-interest.

Hiding behind the curtain of liberal democracy, the members of this elite are the more equals, while the remaining part of mankind ar only equals. It is a fact that most members of the super-rich banker dynasties are of Jewish origin or Talmudist-Kabbalist Jews. This book would like to inform the readers about what causes make the members of the money rule elite, even in our days, to apply the double standard, what world strategy does the international money cartel follow, and what his vision is on the future of mankind.

Background story:

dr. Janos DRABIK - Equals and More Equals kindle2We are happy to announce that the full translation for Mr. Janos DRABIK’s book has been finally completed. We are grateful for the Volunteer who translated the second, final half of the book for Humanity. It was a job of a Hero.

As some may know, the first half of the book Equals and More Equals has been available for several years in English, but still it was just the first part of the book.

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